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Southport in the Media

2017 - August

Southport Celebrates 25 Years 08/31

Southport celebrated 25 years with a barbecue and fireworks Wednesday..Read More

B-25 Bomber Stops in Southport 08/28

Southport Airport is home to a special guest this week.. The 'Maid in the Shade'..Read More

Historic Plane Stops in at Southport 08/28

Take the chance to check out a piece of flight history at Southport this coming week..Read More

Golden Centennaire To Be Displayed at Southport 08/02

You may have noticed some work being done on the green beside the entrance to Southport ..Read More

New Face At Central Plains RecPlex 08/03

It's been a month since a new manager of the Central Plains RecPlex took the reins. Mark Austin says... Read More



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