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Southport Aerospace Centre

Fire Pit & Pool Forms Available

Please remember that before you set up any pool or fire pit, Southport and the RM of Portage la Prairie have rules and regulations regarding these types of items. 

Pools or fire pits shall not be installed or used unless prior written approval is provided by Southport Property Management. If you currently have either a pool or fire pit, please ensure you have obtained written authorization from Southport. View the forms for pool and fire pit installation here. Each form contains the specific regulations for each item and the forms must be filled out and submitted to the office for approval should you wish to proceed. Pools and fire pits that have been installed and are under use without consent from Southport, will be subject to removal and costs related will be invoiced back to the tenant responsible for setting them up.

These regulations are in place for everyone’s safety and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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