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Southport Aerospace Centre

Earth Day 2022

Happy Earth Day!

Southport is a leading organization that is tracking and taking action to reduce its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Did you know that Southport was the first Climate Smart Certified company in Manitoba? 

2021/22 ClimateSmart initiatives that contributed to Southport's commitment to environmental stewardship included:

  •  Dozens of new trees were planted throughout the community
  •  Two Centennaire South units became certified Energy Efficient through Efficiency Manitoba
  •  Southport Golf Club added a fleet of electric golf carts
  •  And many more!

Next week, Southport staff will participate in a walk to clean up litter or foreign object debris (FOD) around Southport that will help the Earth and minimize the potential hazard that flying debris can pose to aircraft using our airport. 

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