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About Southport

Laser Safety

Aiming a laser at an aircraft is a federal offence. It is illegal to possess a handheld laser over 1 milliwatt (MW) in public areas within a 10km radius of any airport and certified heliport. 

  CYPG Map  
  The area outlined in red identifies a 10km radius around Southport CYPG. Possession of a handheld laser is illegal within the area outlined in red.  

A laser is not a toy! Aiming a laser at an aircraft can:

  • Distract a pilot
  • Create glare that affects the pilot’s vision
  • Temporarily blind a pilot

Simply put, lasers put the pilot, crew, passengers and people on the ground at risk of injury. If you plan on aiming a laser into navigable airspace for the purpose of astronomy or laser light shows, you must get permission from Transport Canada – permission form can be found here.


If you are caught with a handheld laser over 1MW in a prohibited area, there could be a monetary penalty under the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

If you are caught intentionally pointing a laser at an aircraft, you will be charged under the Aeronautics Act and could face a monetary penalty and jail time.

If you observe someone pointing a laser at an aircraft or into airspace, report it immediately to your local RCMP.

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