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Southport Commercial Tenants

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Current Southport Commercial Tenants 

Southport is a thriving community with a variety of commercial tenants ranging from health administration (Southern Health–Santé Sud and Portage la Prairie EMS), education and training (Red River College Stevenson Aviation, Assiniboine Community College, Accelerated Christian Education Canada), manufacturing (Airport Technologies Inc.), addictions counseling (Addictions Foundation of Manitoba), childcare (Portage Day Care Centre), a local food producer (Nutri-Pea Limited), recreation facilities (Southport Golf Club and Southport Bowling Alley) and support services for the military flight contract (KF Aerospace – Defence Programs).

If you are a start-up company or company looking to expand, Southport can meet your needs and you can be part of this thriving community! Contact us today for more information.



Accelerated Christian Education Canada


Accelerated Christian Education Canada (ACE)
105 Anson Street  |  Ph: (204) 428-5332

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) is a faith based home schooling curriculum managed out of Southport. ACE promotes education across the country through individualization, academic excellence, character building, and traditional values.

ACE provides schooling for kids from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Grads are held at Southport every spring in their newly renovated gymnasium.

ACE is the only tenant at Southport that owns their own building. They have made extensive renovations to the building throughout the years and continue to make it a better place for kids to learn.


Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Addictions Foundation Manitoba (AFM)
175 Nomad Street  |  Ph: (204) 428-6600

Addictions Foundation Manitoba (AFM) opened its first Youth Residential Treatment Facility (now called the Compass Program) in Southport. This 14-bed facility provides residential treatment for youth ages 13-17, who are referred from across the province.

This program helps to address current gaps in service for Manitoba youth and their families. The programs are designed to help teens look at their involvement with alcohol, drugs or gambling to see if it is affecting their life in a negative way. They will have the opportunity to meet counsellors who understand youth issues and the potential effects of alcohol, drugs or gambling on young people's lives. The program offers safety, confidentiality, respect, and openness.

AFM occupies the northeast wing of the Southport Building. Renovations were done to create a safe and comfortable setting for the youth. The AFM program utilizes the Central Plains RecPlex, walking paths, and outdoor facilities, which are great for the youth to build confidence, find new hobbies, and interact with others.


Airport Technologies Inc.

Airport Technologies Inc. (ATI)
110 Anson Street  |  Ph: (204) 428-5588

Airport Technologies Inc. is a local, Canadian company that specializes in the restoration and refurbishment of airport maintenance equipment. It has grown into manufacturing its own designs out of its plant here at Southport, in addition to being a Re-Life specialist for Airport Runway Snowblowers and Runway Sweepers. ATI manufactures the best "purpose-built" Airport Plow Vehicle in the world; the Snow Mauler, and a High-Speed Airport Snowblower, the Snow Wolf. ATI has products at airports across Canada and in the US.

Their Canadian customers include the Winnipeg International Airport, the Department of National Defence (Halifax, Greenwood, Bagotville, Trenton, Winnipeg, Cold Lake, Comox), Serco Facilities Management (Goose Bay, Labrador), Saskatoon John D Diefenbaker International Airport, Regina International Airport, KF Aerospace – Defence Programs (Southport 3CFFTS Flying Training), Cranbrook Airport, Brandon Airport, Edmonton City Centre Airport, Nanaimo Airport, Abbotsford Airport.

Their US customers include Dulles International Airport, Dupage Airport, Pittsburgh Allegheny Airport, Reagan National Airport, Chicago O'Hare Airport and Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City Michigan.

ATI is located on the east side of Southport in a hangar that has undergone recent construction to include a large-scale crane. ATI has seen a lot of success throughout the years.


Assiniboine Community College

Assiniboine Community College (ACC)
180 Centennaire Drive  |  Ph: (204) 428-6520

ACC Practical Nursing Program - Assiniboine Community College (ACC) operates a 2-year rotating Practical Nursing Program out of the Southport campus. The program uses an interactive blended learning and classroom environment, with simulated clinical settings using the latest lab equipment.

The Practical Nursing program provides students with an opportunity to make a difference in the health care profession. ACC provides rotating sites in rural areas of Manitoba. Rotating Practical Nursing.

ACC uses the Southport Building as office, classroom and laboratory space.  Mynarski House is the student accommodation building. Students also use the Central Plains RecPlex when they need a break from studying.

ACC has had a lot of success with the program at Southport. This program is great for the local economy and produces local nurses that will ideally stay and work in the Portage la Prairie region.


KF Aerospace Defense Programs

KF Aerospace - Defence Programs (KF Aero)
55 Musketeer Road East  |  Ph: (204) 428-2500

KF Aerospace - Defence Programs (KF Aero) services the Canadian Forces primary flight training program. In 2005, KF Aerospace (formerly Kelowna Flightcraft) was awarded the Contracted Flying Training and Support Services contract. As the prime contractor of a team of top Canadian aerospace companies, KF Aerospace has established a turnkey operation at the Southport Airport with new facilities, training devices and courseware to satisfy the training requirements of the RCAF. They operate four fleets of aircraft: the Grob G120A for Primary and Basic training, the C-90B King Air for Advanced Multi-Engine training and the B206 Jet Ranger and B412 CF Outlaw to support Advanced Rotary Wing Training. KF Aerospace and its partners provide all the ground school and simulator instruction, flight instruction on the Grob G120A and all of the support services for the program.

A first-class aviation training program not only features the very best in aircraft and equipment, but also takes full advantage of the latest advances in simulators and flight training course-ware. At the CFTS Training Centre this includes a wide range of sophisticated training support facilities in classrooms and briefing rooms, and on student laptops, where cutting edge graphics allow the student to visualize and fully understand the various flight maneuvers and lesson plans long before they ever set foot in an aircraft.

Maintaining a high serviceability rate is key to ensuring that there are enough aircraft and helicopters to support the daily training program. The two Aircraft Maintenance Organizations, KF Aerospace Maintenance & Engineering and Canadian Helicopters Limited have a full complement of skilled and experienced aircraft technicians who continually achieve 99% availability rates. Two hangars provide over 78,000 sq ft of space to forsnag repair, regular and heavy maintenance on all of the fleets, as well as nightly storage.

The KF aerospace team operators provide airfield maintenance and snow & ice control with a fleet of modern heavy vehicles and an exceptional team of experience operators. They are dedicated to maintaining the airfield in the best condition to support flying operations. Canadian Base Operators maintain all of the airfield navigational equipment (NBD, VOR ILS) as well as perform cyclic inspections and upgrades on equipment.

KF Aerospace is Southport's anchor tenant that embraces the military heritage here at Southport and puts Southport on the map as they train 80% of Royal Canadian Air Force pilots. They use a number of our facilities on site, including; Hangar 1 and Hangar 2 are both used for maintenance and storage, the Hilly Brown Building is where the ground school training takes place and the majority of KF Aerospace staff are located, the Alan McLeod Building is the students residence, Voyageur Place is where the Officer's Mess is located and all the students and instructors are fed, Barker Suites is available for students and instructors to stay as well, and the Airside Maintenance Building is where Canadian Base Operators is located.


Nutri-Pea Limited

Nutri-Pea Limited
165 Centennaire Drive

Nutri-Pea Limited is a privately-owned company specializing in the manufacture of food ingredients derived from Canadian Yellow Peas. Since its inception in 1997, the company has become the only manufacturer of pea ingredients of its kind in North America and delivers meaningful benefits to food companies worldwide.

The company retains a HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 accredited production facility in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (located in the Industrial Park). This wet milling/extraction facility incorporates the company's ongoing quality focus and valued-added approach. Operations in this facility is dedicated solely to solvent-free processing of yellow peas, thereby maintaining a status of GMO-free, gluten-free and an overall low incidence of allergenicity in its finished products. Nutri-Pea uses the Warehouse Building for storage. 


Portage Day Care

Portage Day Care Centre
75 Centennaire Drive  |  Ph: (204) 241-0030

Portage Day Care Centre operates a licensed 28-space childcare facility for children aged 18 months to 5 years old inside the Central Plains RecPlex.  The location is convenient for families living, working, or studying at Southport.

Portage Day Care Centre has experience operating other facilities in the Portage la Prairie community and ensures quality childcare is provided to your children.

The newly renovated facility includes amenities such as play and nap areas, and a gated outdoor play space. There are still spaces available if you are looking for child care, contact the Portage Day Care Centre today!


The Portage la Prairie and Area EMS

The Portage la Prairie and Area EMS
145 Musketeer Road

The Portage la Prairie and Area EMS has 5 ambulances stationed at the Groundside Maintenance Building here at Southport. In 2014, the Southern Health-Santé Sud – EMS Garage lease was expanded to accommodate the Regional Mobile Critical Care Unit. The ambulances and Critical Care unit all service the Portage region.


Red River College Stevenson Aviation

Red River College Stevenson Aviation Campus
75 Musketeer Road West  |  Ph: (204) 428-6300

Red River College Stevenson Aviation Campus operates its Aircraft Maintenance Engineer apprenticeship training program out of Hangar 4 here at Southport. The 2,200 square meter campus is well equipped with a wide selection of training aircraft, including a Cessna Citation II jet, as well as repair shops and classrooms.

Manitoba is home to the third largest aerospace sector in Canada – and Red River College's Stevenson Campus is an active partner, training their workforce to participate in all aspects of the aviation and aerospace sector. Their grads are found throughout industry – overhauling aircraft engines, maintaining aircraft, building components, or in management positions such as Directors of Maintenance and Quality Assurance.

This program is one of a kind in Canada, offering an apprenticeship learning atmosphere. Employers send their employees to Southport from across Canada to learn the hands-on training they need to become licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs).

RRC Stevenson students take advantage of the Mynarksi House for accommodations, food services at the Mess, and the Central Plains RecPlex during their stay at Southport.


Nutri-Pea Limited

Roquette Canada Ltd. 
175 Musketeer Road East

Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of new vegetal proteins to serve food, nutrition and health markets. Globally, Roquette employs over 8,600 people in over 100 countries and they have more than 40 years of experience in plant protein research and production. 

The demand for high quality pea protein, fiber and starch lead the company to begin construction of the world's largest pea production plant in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Roquette's plant in Portage is expected to be operational by the end of 2020, and will create 150 full-time jobs and generate more than 300 jobs during construction. While the plant is being constructed, Roquette is leasing Southport's 16,000sq ft. Flightline Building for office space and training. The addition of Roquette adds diversity to our tenant base and brings 100 new people who will contribute to the Southport community.


Southern Health-Sante Sud

Southern Health-Santé Sud
180 Centennaire Drive  |  Ph: (204) 428-2720

Southern Health–Santé Sud offers a wide range of health care opportunities to its more than 5,600 employees who collaborate to deliver a full continuum of programs, services and community health. Southern Health's head office is located at the Southport Building where approximately 80 of their employees are located. They are proud to partner with the many communities in our region in delivering quality health care.

One of the five Regional Health Authorities in the province, Southern Health–Santé Sud spreads over 27,025 km2 with 20 Rural Municipalities, 7 Municipalities, 4 cities, 4 towns and 1 village. Southern Health-Santé Sud is home to 7 First Nation communities, Métis communities, Hutterite colonies, many Francophone communities, a growing large Mennonite population as well as many other cultures. A progressive and responsive designated bilingual health authority, we are proud to serve approximately 190,000 residents – the fastest growing population in Manitoba.

Southern Health – Sante Sud provides all services across the continuum of care, their team thrives in an atmosphere of innovation and success while still enjoying a relaxed, healthy rural lifestyle complete with a strong sense of community and all the modern conveniences. In southern Manitoba, you'll enjoy rural life at its best - complete with great opportunities, balanced lifestyles, breathtaking landscape and brilliant skies!


Southport Bowl

Southport Bowl
85 Centennaire Drive  |  Ph: (204) 428-6050

Southport Bowl is a newly renovated 5 - pin bowling alley located in the Central Plains RecPlex at Southport, just 3 km south of Portage la Prairie. Southport Bowl has an accessible entrance that leads you to 5 lanes of bowling suitable for bowlers of all ages and abilities. Southport Bowl is also equipped for glow bowling. Learn more on the Central Plains RecPlex website.


Southport Golf Course

The Southport Golf Club
2655 Musketeer Road East  |  Ph: (204) 428-3174

The Southport Golf Club is a well-appointed 9-hole course featuring a driving range, pro shop, and fully licensed club house, uniquely situated at the end of Southport's airfield. Additionally, the club offers golf lessons and golf club fitting, repairs, and re-gripping.