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Southport Aerospace Centre

Southport in the Media

2018 - March

RCAF Gala Fast Approaching 03/26 

The guest list is quickly filling up ahead of next month’s Royal Canadian Air Force Gala... Read more

Manitoba Airshow Details Outlined 03/22

More details were released about the 2018 Manitoba Airshow at Southport last week during a town hall... Read more

Manitoba Airshow Clears Turbulence 03/20

Short of announcing blue skies for its July 7-8 Manitoba Airshow 2018 during an open house... Read more

Town Hall Meeting Discusses Manitoba Airshow  03/17

Community members got the inside scoop on what they can expect from the Manitoba Airshow this year. Southport ... Read more

Manitoba Airshow Organizers Plan Town Hall Meeting 03/06

Organizers of the Manitoba Airshow are hosting a town hall meeting regarding the 2018 Manitoba Airshow... Read more

Show Off Your Climbing Skills in Bouldering Competition Today 03/03

If you're feeling competitive today, you can head down to Central Plains Rec Plex in Southport and take part... Read more


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