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Southport Aerospace Centre

Southport in the Media

Archived Media - 2017


VIDEO: Precision Ag Workshop Comes to Southport 12/18

Alexis Stockford, reporter for the Manitoba Co-operator, visited Southport on Dec. 12 for a precision... Read more

Precision Agriculture Workshop Wraps Up 12/14

The second annual Manitoba Precision Ag Workshop drew producers from across Canada to Southport... Read more

Six Regional Organizations Each Presented $5K 12/14

The Community Economic Development program of Community Futures Whitehorse Plains... Read more

Southport Donates to the United Way 12/12

The Portage Plains United Way is feeling the holiday spirit of giving from Southport... Read more

MBiz December 2017 12/01

We work with you to develop your company and ensure the continued success of Southport. ... Read More


Manitoba Airshow In Prep Mode 11/21

Though winter has just begun, Southport is already getting started on preparations for the 2018 Manitoba Airshow... Read More

8th Annual Best Business Awards Gala Last Night 11/18

It was the 8th Annual Best Business Awards and Gala last night in Portage la Prairie... Read More


Girls Igniting Real Leadership Forum in Southport 10/20

The afternoon was highlighted by a presentation from Minister of Sustainable Development Rochelle Squires... Read More

GIRL Conference Inspires Female Leaders 10/20

Female teens from south-central Manitoba had the privilege of mingling with several woman who hold positions... Read More


CAMA Holds September Meeting at Southport 09/15

The Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators held its September board meeing at Southport's... Read More


Southport Celebrates 25 Years 08/31

Southport celebrated 25 years with a barbecue and fireworks Wednesday... Read More

B-25 Bomber Stops in Southport 08/28

Southport Airport is home to a special guest this week.. The 'Maid in the Shade'... Read More

Historic Plane Stops in at Southport 08/28

Take the chance to check out a piece of flight history at Southport this coming week... Read More

Senior Open Champions Crowned at Southport 08/23

The Southport Senior Open went off without a hitch despite the gloomy weather ... Read More

Golden Centennaire To Be Displayed at Southport 08/02

You may have noticed some work being done on the green beside the entrance to Southport ... Read More

New Face At Central Plains RecPlex 08/03

It's been a month since a new manager of the Central Plains RecPlex took the reins. Mark Austin says... Read More


Portage Initiates Majoy Tourism Project 06/30

Southport Aerospace CEO Peggy May was integral in getting the meeting organized, and says she's... Read More

Southport Ready for a Big 2017/18 06/28

Southport Airport and Commercial Properties looked back at the past year with smiles Wednesday... Read More

PCI Grad Awards and Scholarships 06/23

Portage Collegiate Institute's Graduation Awards were Friday afternoon at Stride Place in Portage la Prairie... Read More

Grants, Bursaries, and Canada 150 Grants Unveiled At CFPD AGM 06/21

Canada 150 Grants were also handed out at Tuesday night's celebration. The winners included Southport... Read More

Golf Tournament Raises $6K for CFPD 06/12

Southport and the Community Foundation of Portage and District (CFPD) collaborated in a golf tournament last Thursday... Read More

CFPD Golf Tourney a Big Hit 06/09

On Thursday June 8, Southport held a fundraising golf tournament with all proceeds going to the Community Foundation... Read More


Southport Celebrates 25 Years of Flight Training 05/12

Southport is marking 25 years of flight training with special events and a new "gate guardian." At a ceremony held... Read More

Southport Hosts A.C.E. Regional School Convention 05/02

Accelerated Christian Education Canada is Southport is host tomorrow for schools from Alberta... Read More


Southport Celebrates 25 Years 04/28
Southport celebrated 25 years of operations with a commemorative ceremony today... Read More

Southport Recognizes 25 Years of Flight Training 04/28
Southport celebrated its 25th anniversary of flight training earlier today with a morning ceremony that had Premier Brian..Read More

25 Years of Flight Training in Southport 04/27
Southport Aerospace is celebrating the silver anniversary of its flight training this month... Read More

Southport Turns 25 04/27
Southport is celebrating its 25th anniversary on Friday with a commemorative dedication... Read More

Southport's Come a Long Way in Five Years 04/19
Southport Aerospace has come a long way in five years. CEO Peggy May brought the Portage Rotary Club... Read More


Rogers Hometown Hockey Arrives in Portage 03/24
Slone says today they're connecting with the folks at Southport, and will have the chance to go fly a helicopter... Read More


RecPlex Climbs to New Heights with Successful Bouldering Competition 02/26
The Central Plains RecPlex in Southport welcomed climbers from around the region on Saturday... Read More

Photos: Ascend the Pit Bouldering Competition 02/25
Central Plains Rec Plex's Ascend the Pit bouldering competition is currently underway at the venue's rock climbing... Read More

RM of Portage Comments on Southport Economic Impact Study 02/22
After Southport Aerospace's recent economic impact study was published, the RM of Portage la Prairie remarked... Read More

Open to Serve You 02/13
The Sawmill Tea and Coffee Company kiosk in the Central Region RecPlex at 75 Centennaire Dr. in Southport... Read More

Southport CEO Discusses Economic Impact Report 02/10
A recent economic impact study of Southport highlights the value military services have on total economic output...Read More

7 Pilots Earn Wings in Southport 02/06
It was the 3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School Wings Graduation Ceremony last Friday in Southport...Read More

Report Examines Southport's Economic Impact 02/03
A consulting firm recently completed a new economic impact study of Southport. The report prepared by... Read More


VOI Creates at Southport RecPlex 01/24
Visions of Independence (VOI) Executive Director Jennifer Hagedorn may have been really happy... Read More

Grand Opening of Healthy Food Kiosk at RecPlex 01/21
Sawmill Tea and Coffee Company held its grand opening in the Central Plains Rec Plex at Southport yesterday... Read More

Premier Brings 'Portage la Prairie Approach' to Government 01/18
The Portage la Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce held a meet-and-greet last night with Premier Brian Pallister...Read More

Repairs Almost Complete at Southport Admin Office 01/17
The administration office at Southport is almost fully repaired after a vehicle crashed into it in Sept. 2016...Read More

Great Reviews for Central Plains Rec Plex 01/17
The Central Plains Rec Plex at Southport has been receiving positive reviews and seen an increase in membership... Read More

Manitoba Community Hoping to Offer Precision Ag Training 01/03
Southport is hoping to be at the forefront of precision agricultural training, also known as... Read More

Southport Focusing On Business and Client Growth 01/02
The community of Southport Aerospace is always expanding and 2017 looks like another year of significant growth... Read More


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