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The Anatomy of a Civil or Military Aircraft Hangar 

Aircraft Hangar Ventilation

New Aircraft Hangar BuildingVentilation in hangars seems like it should be easy to address given the huge space and large doors, but with noxious fumes from planes, fork lifts and other equipment and machinery, it’s a challenge that needs to be addressed. In many cases, large industrial ceiling fans are installed to help with circulation, heat loss and stagnant air. There are a number of good brands in the market. 

Aircraft Hangar Lighting 

The very large 'airport garages' can be challenging and costly to illuminate because of their sheer size. They also require high levels of visibility and colour rendering to be able to detect defects in airplanes and make repairs, so appropriate lighting choice is critical. Here are some lighting variables to research and decide upon when choosing hangar lighting: LED, Solar Powered LED, energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, foot-candle levels, and more. 

Aircraft Hangar Flooring

Flooring in an airplane hangar comes with its own set of specs and requirements. Considerations for hangar flooring includes: light reflectivity, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, bond and tensile strength to withstand extreme loads, ease of cleaning & maintenance, electrostatic dissipation, moisture issues, slip resistance and more. 

Aircraft Hangar Doors

Doors are a BIG and important part of a hangar. They are what distinguishes a hangar from other industrial type buildings. They need to withstand high wind loads and be highly reliable while in operation. Some considerations include: Single panel door system, bi-parting, multi directional, hydraulic, rail requirements, materials – allowing for lighting, height-width ration, and more. 

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