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Southport Commercial Tenants

New Aircraft Hangar Opportunity

Customize your own state-of-the-art hangar in the center of North America.

There is great opportunity for both aviation and general business growth at Southport, with 607 hectares of land available for development. There are currently 80 hectares of airside land, serviced and ready for construction.

A new hangar will be built and we're looking for an aviation partner who sees the opportunity in our community. Small or large, we will work with you to meet your needs for a cost-effective, efficient facility.

Airport Hangar Lot Availability 

Lot  # Lot Size
175 20,492 m2
125 20,492 m2
85 10,062 m2
225 14,042 m2
275 14,187 m2







Advantages of Working with Southport

  • Develop based on customer's needs
  • Financing options
  • Project management expertise on-site
  • Affordable lease rates
  • Direct access to airfield

Contact us today to inquire about hangar opportunities.

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Value Proposition

Southport has a strong value proposition as a result of being a influential economic driver to the local region. Southport is a Canadian based not-for-profit organization that benefits many other Canadian companies.

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