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2024 Manitoba Airshow

Look up and listen for that ROAR in Southport!

Southport Aerospace Centre Inc. is thrilled to announce the Manitoba Airshow will be happening on August 3rd - 4th, 2024! To help generate excitement for this world-class event, the Snowbirds take flight in Southport this afternoon!

Peggy May, CEO of Southport Aerospace Centre Inc., explains what to expect, “incredible aerial performances by military and civilian performers, beer gardens, static displays, and lots of family fun entertainment for all ages.” There will be plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with some aircraft. Southport is proud to celebrate 100 Years of the Royal Canadian Armed Forces through next year’s Manitoba Airshow in support of their legacy. 

Southport’s preparing for flight! Get on board and stay up to date with performer releases, and volunteer opportunities by visiting 

Get ready to witness no limits in Southport next summer!

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