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Southport Airport CYPG

Hangar 5 Booking

Hangar storage is available with 48 hours notice, please read through the booking process below:

1. Booking During Southport Business Hours: M - F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm: (minimum 2 business days’ notice)

Phone: 204-428-6030
Online: Complete the form below.

2. Booking Outside Southport Business Hours (minimum 2 business days' notice)

Phone: 204-872-0570
Online: Complete the form below.

* You will receive a confirmation email or phone call once your booking has been completed.

KF Aerospace Fuelling Contact Numbers

Working Hours: 204-428-2435     After Hours: 204-872-0570


First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Company     Private
Aircraft Tail Number:
Aircraft Type:
Arrival Date and Time:
Departure Date and Time:
Number of Crew/Passengers:
Aircraft Based at:
Arriving From:
Notes or Special Requests:

Services Required:

Aircraft Cleaning (interior)
Conference Room

Anti-Icing (if applicable)

Anti-icing Type IV fluid

Fuelling (if applicable)


Refuelling Method (if applicable)

Over the Wing Refuelling
Single Point Pressure Refuelling


Continuous/Ground Power Unit Required