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Living in Southport - beautiful prairie views

Current Residents

With views of the prairie landscape, a recreation centre, a golf course, and a strong sense of community, our tenants are proud to call Southport home. 

Tenant Information & Request Forms

Garbage and Recycling - 2024 Pickup Information
Garbage and Recycling - Acceptable Recycling Items
After Hours Urgent Call-Out Procedures
Pre-Authorized Payment
Notice to Vacate
Customer Concern
Tenant Transfer Request
Satellite & Antenna Installation
Pet Request
Fire Pit Request
Above Ground Pool
Residential Dig Permit
Residential Line Locate Request

Assiniboine Community College

Maintenance Requests 

Southport's Service Request platform allows you to electronically submit maintenance requests for your residential unit. This platform provides the ability to view the status of your requests and the history of all your maintenance requests. The platform can be accessed from a PC, tablet, or smartphone using any web browser. When you log in, the system will recognize who you are. Simply provide basic information relating to the nature of the maintenance request or problem and click "Submit". To register for this service, contact Southport Property Management at 204.428.6030 to receive your electronic connection key and then click below to get started!

Assiniboine Community CollegeAfter Hours Urgent Maintenance Requests 

All non-urgent concerns can be handled online through Southport's Service Request platform. All phone calls for maintenance requests should be made to 204.428.6037. Please follow the directions on the recording, including after-hours urgent calls. 

Due to the current pandemic situation, maintenance requests will continue to be handled on an emergency basis only.


Assiniboine Community CollegeResidential Housing Upgrade Project 

Southport is continuing to renovate residential units located on site. This is a multi-year project and renovations take place in selected units. Tenants who are interested in having their residential units upgraded may voluntarily request to participate in the upgrade project, subject to:

1. Entering into a new Lease Agreement.

2. Vacating their residential unit for one month.

Renovations take approximately one month to complete and cannot be undertaken while a unit is occupied. Temporary accommodation may be available in another residential unit at Southport.

To assist in the planning of this project, tenants are requested to let us know if they are:

  • Interested in having their residential unit upgraded as described above
  • Interested in transferring to another unit (upgraded or elsewhere)

For more information, please contact our office or email