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General Members

As a not-for-profit, non-share corporation, Southport is governed by a Board of Directors with responsibility for the overall operation and governance of Southport. To assist in this responsibility, the Board has established a General Membership made up of community representatives. The following is a list of the 2018-19 General Members:

Kam Blight                              Marcel Duval                          Holly Leost Deborah Peabody
Daniel Bolton                          Irvin Ferris                               Jim Lewis                                James Popplow                      
Henry Borger  Andy Fletcher Ryan Matthews Kathy Regular
Ian Borland                              Eleanor Giffin                          Bernice Maxwell                    Henry Riendeau                     
Ken Brennan Brian Gilbert                           Robert McKibbin Ron Roteliuk                           
Mason Broadfoot Dennis Hallick            Preston Meier                          Judy Saxby
Barry Brown                            Robert Hastings                       Jack Meseyton                        Wilf Schellenberg                  
Dennis Brownlee                    Sheldon Hiltz                          Guy Moffat                              Brendon Smith           
Arnold Cavett              Malcolm Joyce                                    Jim Moorhouse                        Malcolm Symonds
Dennis Clarke                         Kathy Keast                             Larry Muirhead                       Toby Trimble                          
Ray Crabbe     Dave King Nettie Neudorf                        Ryan Turner
Todd Cuddington                     James Knight               Warren Neufeld                      Glenn Waldvogel                  
Walter Czyrnyj                       Sharilyn Knox                          Carli Owens                Ken Webb                              
Dorothy Dobbie                      Bennard Lapchuk                    Hugh Owens                          Jack Wilson                            
Carey Duncan            Michel Latouche                     Elaine Palson               Peter Young