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About Southport

General Members

As a not-for-profit, non-share corporation, Southport is governed by a Board of Directors with responsibility for the overall operation and governance of Southport. To assist in this responsibility, the Board has established a General Membership made up of community representatives.

2021-22 General Members
Kathryn Atamanchuk Irvine Ferris Ryan Matthews Winnie Pauch
Kam Blight Vic Gerden Robert McKibbin Deborah Peabody-Antonissen
Henry Borger Brian Gilbert Travis McKim Russel Price
Mason Broadfoot Dennis Hallick Preston Meier Kathy Regular
Ken Brennan Robert Hastings Jack Meseyton Henry Riendeau
Dennis Brownlee Sheldon Hiltz Jim Moorhouse Judy Saxby
Arnold Cavett David King Larry Muirhead Wilf Schellenberg
Amy Chappellaz Wayne Klippenstein Jared Munro Darryl Shyiak
Paulette Connery Sharilyn Knox Nettie Neudorf Graham Starmer
Todd Cuddington Bennard Lapchuk Carli Owens Malcolm Symonds
Walter Czyrnyj Jim Lewis Hugh Owens Bill Toews
Dorothy Dobbie Holly Leost Dave Patsack Toby Trimble
      Jack Wilson

General Members Handbook

Click here to view a copy of the current General Members Handbook as presented by the Southport Aerospace Inc.'s Board of Directors.