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Graham Starmer

Graham StarmerGraham Starmer was born in Epping, England, and has had an extensive career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Graham was a National Program Coordinator for the RCMP, managing intelligence related to Eastern Europe and coordinating foreign services information.  This position led to his appointment as Senior Intelligence Officer with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, an agency responsible for identification of threats to Canada’s national interests.  Graham was responsible for a team which conducted classified counter-terrorism projects, developed and coordinated departmental relations with Provincial governments and maintained financial and strategic plans.  Graham has also filled the role of Deputy Ombudsman for the City of Winnipeg.

Graham’s formal education focused on Political Science.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Carlton University, majoring in Political Science.  Subsequently, he has continued to pursue a Masters degree in the same field at the University of Manitoba.

Today, Graham is CEO and President of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC), an umbrella organization responsible for 76 Chambers of Commerce.  Graham manages the overall operations of this organization, providing services to the various chambers within the province.  He also directs the membership component.  His major focus lies in Provincial and Federal and lobbying.  MCC holds positions on over 30 government committees.

Graham is very involved on a professional level with other Associations and Boards.  He currently is a Director of the Chamber Insurance Corporation of Canada, the Federation of Non-Profit Organizations, the Eradicate Poverty Board and the Hong Kong Business Association.  He also chairs the Accreditation Council of Canada.  Graham currently is the President of the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada.

While the majority of his time is dedicated to work, Graham still finds time to be involved with community efforts.  He assists coaching organized sports, assists churches in their development work and fundraising, as well as getting involved with academic conferences and undergrad work in terrorism areas. When time permits, Graham enjoys playing golf and basketball.

Graham resides in Argyle, Manitoba with his wife, Sylvia. They have two adult children.