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Southport Aerospace Centre

Media Release

Southport to Construct Six Storage Units

May 17, 2018

Southport announced today that six new enclosed storage units will be constructed at the Southport site.

Construction will begin shortly on the storage units, with the completion date scheduled for August 2018. These enclosed units will be in addition to the existing outdoor storage compound.

The enclosed storage units will be available in two different sizes, 20-foot and 40-foot. The units will also be fenced in and have nightly onsite security service monitoring them.

“We’re pleased to add additional services to our site by providing convenient and secure storage for our residential and commercial tenants, military members and their families, as well as the Portage la Prairie area as a whole,” says Southport CEO, Peggy May.

Pricing for the units is as follows:

Outdoor Storage Compound           $45.00/month

20’ Storage Unit                                $100.00/month

40’ Storage Unit                                $150.00/month

For information contact:
Peggy May
Southport Aerospace Centre Inc. (204) 428-6070

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