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Southport Aerospace Centre

Southport in the Media

2018 - April

Flying for the Future 04/27

Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, will be used to fight crime at Southport... Read more

KF Aerospace Weighs in on RCAF Training 04/25

KF Aerospace, the company in charge of military flight training in Southport, has weighed in on... Read more

MP Talks Future of RCAF in Southport 04/24

There is a long history of Flight Training at Southport and it is something Portage La Prairie is known for... Read more

Former Southport Director of Operations Chosen for Hydro Board 04/23

Manitoba Hydro selected Southport Airport and Commercial Properties Director of Operations Wade Linden... Read more

Southport Strives to Keep Military Flight Training 04/23

A large portion of the 3 Canadian Forces Flight Training School takes place in Southport... Read more

Premier and MLA See Gala as Significant 04/23

Last Saturday night's RCAF Gala at Southport saw Premier Brian Pallister attending... Read more

RCAF Gala Flies High 04/22

The Royal Canadian Air Force was putting on the ritz at their biennial gala last night at Southport... Read more

Glitz and Glamour for RCAF Gala  04/22

The Portage Rotary Club’s Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Gala was held Saturday night at Southport... Read more

Southport to Host UAS Student "Drone" Competition  04/21

Universities across Canada will again be competing at Southport... Read more

Running Rowing and Raising funds for ROK 04/20

The Central Plains RecPlex in Southport and Stride Place are partnering to raise funds for ROK... Read more

Unmanned Systems Student Competition Returns to Southport 04/20

Twelve teams from universities across Canada will be competing in Phase 2 of the tenth annual... Read more

Determined Taylor Honoured with ACC One to Watch Award 04/20

Kayla Taylor poses with her award from the practical nursing program (Southport Aboriginal Practical Nursing)... Read more

Pilots Receive Wings 04/07

The skies will be a little bit safer in Canada and around the world as 11 pilots received their wings... Read more