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Economic Impact Ripples Through
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Economic Impact

In February 2020, Southport released a new economic impact study that measured the economic contributions associated with the ongoing activities of Southport through an analysis of 2019 operations. The report was undertaken to update the previous economic impact study of 2016, as significant changes have occurred at Southport since then. This new report highlights how Southport's impact can ripple through the local and provincial economy either directly, indirectly, or through induced impact.

Direct impact is the effect that Southport and businesses located at Southport have on the local and provincial economy. Indirect impact refers to the businesses that supply and support Southport. Induced impact measures the spending of the direct and indirect employees in the general economy surrounding Southport.

The results of the study indicated that Southport and Southport-related businesses directly contribute 600 jobs, $38 million in income, $75 million in gross domestic product (GDP) and $120 million in economic output on an annual basis. Looking at these results alone indicates that Southport has a significant impact on the surrounding economy.

Southport Economic Impact