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General Members

As a not-for-profit, non-share corporation, Southport is governed by a Board of Directors with responsibility for the overall operation and governance of Southport. To assist in this responsibility, the Board has established a General Membership made up of community representatives.

General Members Handbook
Click here to view a copy of the current General Members Handbook as presented by the Southport Aerospace Inc.'s Board of Directors.

Become a General Member
If you're interested in becoming a Southport Aerospace Centre Inc. General Member, click here to download the General Member Application Form. Once completed, please send your application to the General Member Liaison at liaison@spboard.ca.

Southport General Members

2023-2024 General Members

Kathryn Atamanchuk

Kam Blight

Daniel Bolton

Henry Borger

Julene Toews Dewis

Ken Brennan

Lauren Grey

Robert Hastings

Kelsey Filion Drozduk

Roberta Christianson

Paulette Connery

Todd Cuddington

Walter Czyrnyj

Dave Patsack

Russel Price

Graham Starmer

Bill Toews

Kyle Hamilton

Andy Fletcher

Irvine Ferris

Marc Groenewegen

Vic Gerden

Brent Gilbert

Nathan Peto

Jack Meseyton

Dorothy Dobbie

Jim Moorhouse

Trevor Klippenstein

Wayne Klippenstein

Sharilyn Knox

Jim Lewis

Peter Young

Jack Wilson

Carey Duncan

Ken Webb

Eve O'Leary

Dale Lyle

Ryan Matthews

Travis McKim

Doug McLennan

Preston Meier

Hugh Owens

Jim Moorhouse

Amy Chappellaz


Jared Munro

Larry Muirhead

Nettie Neudorf

Carli Owens

Deborah Peabody-Antonissen

Judy Saxby

Darryl Shyiak

Delnora Rice


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