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Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests

Southport's Service Request platform allows you to submit maintenance requests for your residential unit quickly and easily. Once you have REGISTERED you will have the ability to submit future maintenance requests, view the status of your requests and the history of all your maintenance requests with just a few clicks. We encourage the use of this convenient Maintenance Platform, or you can call in your maintenance request: 204.428.6030

Call 204.428.6030 to get your electronic connection key.
Click on REGISTER, enter the eletronic connection key you received from Southport, and follow the prompts to set-up your account.
Click on LOGIN, follow prompts to enter your maintenance request and Submit. Use the LOGIN for all future Maintenance Requests.

Maintenance Request Platform Access & Maintenance Requests




Urgent After Hours Maintenance Requests

After Hours Urgent Call-out Procedures
The Tenant is responsible to notify Southport of any urgent issues with respect to their unit. If the occurrence is outside office hours, the Tenant should call 204.428.6037 and follow the phone prompts to be directed to the On Call Facilities Maintenance Technician.

If you are leaving a message please include:
   Tenant name
   Unit address
   Date and time called
   Contact number

Note: Tenant is responsible to be available to let the Contractor in. The Tenant may be billed back for work that was not urgent.

  • Sewer: Sewer backup (if not remedied by plunger attempt)
  • Water: Hot water tank leaking (turn off water)
  • Heat: Furnace out in winter months ELECTRICAL
  • Alarms: Smoke alarm going off; units are connected with the other side of duplex. (Tenant to contact adjacent Tenant to see if problem is minor from neighbour's side.)
  1. An online Service Request system is available to submit maintenance requests for items that are not urgent. NOTE: Tenants must register with the Southport office before being able to use the online system.
  2. Go to www.southport.ca, click on Living in Southport, click on Current Residents, click on the Maintenance Requests tab and follow the instruction.
  3. Tenants can still choose to leave a message at Southport - 204.428.6037.
    • Electrical: Breaker keeps tripping (Flip all breakers off then back on; unplug any extra appliances such as toaster, microwave etc.)
    • House or Garage Locks/Keys: If Tenants are locked out of unit they can come to the office during regular office hours, or after hours can call a locksmith at their expense: DC SECURITY 204.857.5515
    • Hydro and Gas issues: Call Manitoba Hydro 1.888.624.9376

Call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.

Urgent Maintenance Requests
Residential Housing Upgrade

Residential Housing Upgrade

Southport continues to renovate residential units located on site. This is a multi-year project and renovations take place in selected units. Tenants interested in residential upgrades may request to participate in the upgrade project, subject to:
  • Entering into a new Lease Agreement.
  • Vacating their residential unit for one month.
  • Renovations take approximately one month to complete and cannot be undertaken while a unit is occupied. Temporary accommodation may be available in another residential unit at Southport.
Tenants are requested to let us know if they are:
  • Interested in having their residential unit upgraded as described above
  • Interested in transferring to another unit (upgraded orInterested in having their residential unit upgraded as described above elsewhere)
For more information, please contact our office or email propertymanagement@southport.ca.

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