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Spirit of Southport Award

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The Spirit of Southport Award, presented by the Southport Board of Directors, recognizes and appreciates individuals, organizations, agencies or groups committed diligently and consistently to practicing such values as excellence in standards, transparency, innovation, accountability, integrity, mindful respect, equity and loyalty to benefit the larger good. These are the goals of practice Southport Aerospace Inc. is committed to.

This award wishes to recognize and celebrate such initiative, but is not limited to concerns of enterprise, environment and/or human enrichment. This award recognizes stewardship that takes ownership of opportunity (without taking personal control or receiving personal benefit); while challenging what is possible for the benefit of all concerned. This spirit is the root of the conception and ongoing thriving growth of Southport.

By presenting the Spirit of Southport award, Southport recognizes those individuals and organizations whose accomplishments are of such excellence that they provide inspiration and set an example to both Southport and our community.

As well, through its choice of Spirit of Southport recipients, Southport makes a public declaration of its values; keeps itself accountable to its articulated values and stakeholders; and challenges itself to press on with its best. In selecting candidates Southport should attempt to choose individuals or organizations of such high caliber that in honouring them, it too is honoured.

Spirit of Southport Award

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Spirit of Southport Eligibility


Individuals, organizations, agencies, and groups within Southport and the surrounding region are eligible for this award.

Southport wishes to acknowledge and highlight outstanding and exemplary contributions towards social/community enrichment and leadership in service; whether that be in the community of their profession or the community at levels of local, provincial, national or international.

Outstanding and exemplary contributions may include:
  • Accomplishments of Note – Where the recipient has made significant and inspirational contributions to community, social or economic development on a regional, national or international level
  • Service to Community at Large – Individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organizations who have demonstrated outstanding effort and commitment to building a better, more prosperous community through service, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and social responsibility
  • Appropriateness to a Special Anniversary / Event – Southport may choose to celebrate a special anniversary by recognizing appropriate individuals important to its history
  • Service to Southport – Individuals who have made significant and important contributions of extraordinary merit that enhance the effectiveness, image, reputation and social contributions of Southport
  • Represents Southport's Values – Priority will be given to individuals whose personal qualities and/or record of achievement reflect Southport's mission, vision, values and commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. This service must normally be of long standing and unusual merit.

The Spirit of Southport Award need not be given every year. However, it may be awarded more than once in any given year if the Board feels that the criteria have been met by two or more individuals, organizations, agencies or groups.

This Award is normally presented at the Annual General Meeting.

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